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Xuzhou's Manufacturing

Xu forging owns 695 sets of various machinery and equipment, including fine, large, rare equipment 86: Japan Mitsubishi T110 horizontal machining center, Japan Okuma machining center MCV-II pentahedral, ????? W200 floor type boring and milling machine with large, the Kunji T6920, T6916 CNC floor type boring and milling machine, Qi T6913 CNC boring and milling machine, CNC lathe Korea Doosan S670L high precision machining equipment; tempering kiln (8 m long and 4 m * width * height 4 meters), a large well furnace (diameter 1.1 m * 3 m), high frequency quenching, state-of-the-art heat treatment equipment such as nitriding carburizing Huaihai economic zone, in a leading position in the domestic presses industry. Xu forging owns vibration characteristics tester, lower dead point accuracy monitor load tester and high-precision testing equipment, instrument 52 units.

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